ConserVANtion's Virtual Classroom with Ms. Becker's Class in Columbia!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Today we had the wonderful opportunity to use Skype as a virtual classroom. We talked about nonprofits, their importance, and how ConserVANtion works. We discussed how we get folks to connect with nature via environmental stewardship.

We love opportunities like these to reach out to youth because we believe that they have the power to create a positive change for our Earth. Ms. Becker's class is all the way in Mushaisa, Columbia. That's 2,749 miles, as the crow flies, from our founding city in Colorado! The class is currently learning about nonprofits, how they function, and creating their own! Even though these kids are only 7 to 9 years old, they're already learning how to create successful futures for themselves, their communities, and the planet. They are even fluent in both Spanish and English too! When we give children opportunities to learn and expand their views, such as thru education, our youth can excel and accomplish great things.

Ms. Becker's class had some awesome questions, such as:

-What is your mission statement for ConserVANtion?

Our mission is, "To instill a passion for conservation, preservation, and restoration of our environment through stewardship and education." We try to practice this mission not only as our nonprofit organization, but thru our daily lives as well.

-How do you get people to connect with nature?

This is one of our favorite tasks at ConserVANtion! We love taking folks (some who mostly work indoors all day) into the outdoors to get their hands dirty. We firmly believe that digging a hole to plant a tree, pruning back invasive plants, and picking up trash to beautify a beach are great ways to get people to connect to nature. Taking the time to disconnect from technology and plug back into nature is so important to us.

-Are you like a school?

We would like to think that we're like the fun part of school, sort of like the field trip day. (But in reality, all of school is fun!) We love learning. We educate in outdoor classrooms and implement hands-on activities so that kids can apply what they learn in textbooks to the outdoor classroom and in the field.

-How do you get funding?

We have some amazing donors who have helped us get on our feet and establish ourselves as a nonprofit. Now we are looking to apply for grants to secure funding for new conservation and restoration projects that we can initiate in the near future.

So many great questions. Thank you Ms. Becker's Classroom for taking the time to talk with us! It's opportunities like these that help us learn as a nonprofit about how to better help educate youth globally. We can't wait to hear how your projects turn out.

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