Sprouting Stewardship in Southern Colorado!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Most recently, we took a ConserVANtion trip down to Trinidad, Colorado to visit the Trinidad History Museum. We were lucky enough to be invited to put on a, 'Going Green' event. We got the opportunity to teach kids about:

-where our food comes from,

-Monarch butterflies,

-water conservation,

-organic gardening,

-rooftop gardens,

-the water cycle,


-solar energy,



-erosion, &


We had some great hands-on activities for the kids! We brought them a tomato to plant in their local history museum garden. Now they'll be able to water it every day at summer school and reap the benefits of their gardening. Not only that, but each of the kids received their own tomato plant to take home and plant with their families. We love the idea of teaching youth so that they can then go home and teach their families something too!

One of our parting gifts to the kids was milkweed seeds, Asclepias speciosa, that they could go home and plant as well. We taught them about Monarch migrations and how the caterpillars can ONLY eat milkweed plants. That's why our Monarch populations need milkweed plants to serve as stopping points during their migrations. One of our more fun facts we like to teach folks is that Monarchs self-medicate! Different milkweed plants contain various amounts of cardenolides, a toxin to us, but a medication for Monarch caterpillars to keep parasitic wasps away.

Now these kids can help our Monarchs thrive, grow their own organic gardens, conserve water, limit pollution, and make our future look just a little bit brighter!

If you have any ideas for an event you would like to see us put on, or a topic you would like us to blog about, send us an email at conserVANtion@gmail.com. Thank you for reading! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit ran merely on generous donations. If you are interested in donating, you can do so here:


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