Happy Earth Day!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today is the one day of the year, where we hope everyone can do their part to help clean up our planet. Even if it’s just one, tiny piece of trash you pick up, you’re making a difference! You’re stopping that piece of trash from ending up in a river to the ocean, from ending up forever in the digestive tracts of sea turtles or corals; you’re making an impact!

This Earth Day, through ConserVANtion, we decided to put on our, Earth Day Run Challenge: A Plogging Event. We had 16 wonderful volunteers show up to brave the slushy, cold, cloudy, rainy day. Together, we picked up over 15 pounds of garbage along our local Riverwalk in Canon City, Colorado. We had volunteers from 4-H, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, the Christian World Mission Program, and even folks who just saw the article in the local daily paper. We’re so thankful to have such dedicated community members who will use their valuable free time, to help our cause.

A large majority of the trash we saw included: plastic bags, straws, bottles, and fast-food wrappers. To make small daily impacts in your own lives, that can have global results, try reducing/ending your use of plastic bags, straws, and bottles. You can instead use reusable mugs and water bottles, bring your own reusable grocery bags to the store, and say, "no" to plastic straws. (They actually have reusable metal and bamboo straws these days!)

Not only did we get families into the outdoors to enjoy what nature has to offer, we created a beautiful, plastic-free environment for the local animals to flourish! Our river has temporarily returned to a pristine place for folks to come and enjoy with their friends and family. Cleaning up these natural spaces and creating a sense of community at the same time, is a big part of our mission. We want to help people identify with the outdoors so that they too understand the importance of protecting it.

Thank you for everyone who came on out to help this weekend! We couldn't do it without great people like yourselves. Be on the lookout for our next community ConserVANtion event coming soon! We'd love to see you there.

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