Auto Ventures!

Today we had some issues with a cv joint in the van that was slowing us down. Lucky for us, during our last trip to Wisconsin, we met an awesome guy named Jeff. He went out of his way because he saw our baby yellow Vangon cruising down the road and he wanted to meet us and offer his help in case we ever needed it! Today he helped us out, lent us his tools, garage, and expertise, and wouldn't take our cash out of the goodness of his heart. He helped us get the Vanagon back in tip top shape. If you ever need any work done, we strongly recommend him and hope you support a small local business.

Jeff just finished working with the railroad to begin his dream-to start his own business, Auto Ventures LLC. He modifies 1990-07 US model EJ22, EJ25 & EG33 Subaru harnesses for VW's, Sandrails, Buggys, does full conversions, and Subaru and VW repair. You can find him in the Wisconsin Dells. Check him out on Facebook!

However, he also has a love for the outdoors and a passion for exploring, similar to Jordan and me :) Now he not only gets to do what he loves, but he can take time to travel with his family and see the world through his VW Syncro. Jeff and his family stay with fellow VW van lifers, takes the back roads, and enjoys the trip. I think Jeff has some great advice and he really helped me realize that you get one life-and you best be making the most of it! Dream big.

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