The Prairie Restoration

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 - Earth Day - celebrated internationally.

We spent day in a native prairie of the Black Belt Region-Osborn Prairie, in Starkville, Mississippi. We supported hundreds of species ranging from endemic insects to threatened grasses. As stewards of the Earth, we believe that we can conserve, preserve, and restore the many threatened and endangered ecosystems and their respective species.

(Above photos from Luis Santiago and Mercedes Siegle-Gaither.)

We lopped, we sawed, we chain-sawed for hours. The end results-a prairie restoration. We took down hundreds of eastern redcedars ranging from saplings to 20” diameter trees. These trees are invasive to prairie ecosystems, encroaching and eventually dominating areas where they become established. Redcedar outgrow prairie grasses due to fire suppression by humans, being drought resistant, and because they have roots that can reach deeper water. They harm prairies through shading native plants and by using up nutrients that would otherwise be beneficial to prairie flora.

Historically, pr