ConserVANtion: The Climate Change Message

"If I were a scientist, I would be absolutely pissed every day of my life" Leonardo DiCaprio

Tell us about it Leo...

Many people oppose climate change. But it is not something that that you can choose to believe in; climate change is happening right now--it is not a hypothesis or a theory waiting to be supported. It is happening, and we must adapt, quickly. If you are skeptical, that's okay. But, do your own research and make your own decision- try not to just regurgitate what you see on the news.

Before the Flood - Full Movie | National Geographic

People call it a hoax, part of a cycle..ect. The truth is, the earth's climate has been changing for billions of years. In large part, it is variation in the climate that has enabled organisms to evolve into the many wondrous forms that we observe today. However, anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change is a totally different matter. The rate of change that we are observing is completely unprecedented in the history of Earth. We are adding carbon dioxide to our environment faster than our Earth has EVER experienced in this short of a time frame. How is this possible?

-Burning coal & natural gas for electricity

-Burning fossil fuels in our vehicles

-Production of fossil fuels and other manufactured goods

Consider this: producing and burning one gallon of gas produces 19-24 pounds of CO2. How many people drive every day? According to the EIA: "In 2015, about 140.43 billion gallons (or about 3.34 billion barrels) of gasoline were consumed in the United States, a daily average of about 384.74 million gallons (or about 9.16 million barrels per day)."

Let's do some quick calculations: 140.43 billion gallons x 20 lbs per gallon of CO2 = 2,808,600,000,000 lbs of CO2 released into the atmosphere every year just in the US! How could this not have an effect on the climate? Perhaps we just don't want to believe that it does.

This translates to 69,653,280 cubic kilometers of CO2 gas released into the atmosphere by the US every year.

What is the volume of Mount Everest? 2,413 cubic kilometers.

So, every year, the US pumps a volume equivalent 28,866 Mount Everest's worth of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Do you think this may have an effect yet?

Combine this with us removing the carbon-capturing-forests from the earth at an unprecedented rate, thawing the permafrost and releasing even more stored CO2 and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, and we have a recipe for a changing climate.

This is leading to the complete obliteration of our Earth.

The earth is a closed system, and adding heat adds energy. More energy in a system creates unstable weather patterns, more severe droughts, stronger hurricanes, and some places on earth will even become colder due changing ocean currents that funnel warm water away from the equator to higher latitudes. When ice melts, the fresh water is less dense than the salt water in the sea, so it floats on top. This has the potential to stop the ocean currents all together by capping them off. Consequential altering nutrient flow, oxygen flow, and limiting inhabitable environments for many marine dwellers.

Please take this opportunity to think about our future, as well as the future of our planet. Don't lose hope, but be a part of the change you wish to see in the world.

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