Since August 2015

Northern Mississippi


We currently live in Starkville of Northern Mississippi. Not a place on most folks travel hot list. But we are here for the extensive education that we feel is neccessary to help successfully spread education and awareness on topics we find important: conservation, sustainability, ecology, biology, human-wildlife conflicts...the list goes on. When not enjoying the heat, we enjoy seeing the southern-temperate array of biodiverse flora and fauna.

Nursing orphaned baby squirrel back to health
On the search for grasshoppers 🐸🌱 #VanLife #ConserVANtion
Found a sneaky little Reduviidae in the prairie today ☺ Semi-raptorial front legs help this predator
What a cute, sneaky, little tree frog on a paw paw tree 🐸🌱
Sublime sunsets🌲🌞
Wild passionflowers are everywhere 😍🌸🌼 #wildflowers #flowerchild #LetsMakeTea
Look at that sneaky little van 😄🙈✌🌿🌾🚃 #ConserVANtion
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow _D Mississippi schnowwww
Canoeing in the bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) swamps! 🌲🌞🚣 #gopro
Found this beautiful and evasive walking stick! #neature
What a beautiful sunset with a beautiful soul 🌳🌞🌲
Finally time for some good ole fashion volunteering _)
What a wonderful weekend with the van and the boyfriend _) There's no better feeling than being surr