February 1992

Northern Michigan


Jordan is a native-born yooper, so we like to spend as much time as possible up in the north woods eh! It's one of the few natural places left untouched by urbanization, for the time being. We seek to spread our inherent love for the outdoors and all remaining natural places.

Winter woods wandering _)
Found one of these beauties in the up #up #flowers #conservation #orchid #michigan
WOW. Some things are simply magnificent
Who woulda thought this was just a few hours from my backyard! #beautiful #michigan #picturedrocks #
Merry Christmas Eve! This weather..
My first #PUMPKINPATCH 😍😣🍁⛅
So thankful for getting to spend a few  days in the UP and live like a yooper with my amazing boyfri
Limnology on my brain
Just sittin in a field of daisies #flowerchild #givemeflowersorgivemedeath