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Our Mission: To instill a passion for conservation, preservation, and restoration of our environment through stewardship and education.

We are a conservation duo, determined to leave our world in better shape than we found it. We want to increase education & awareness of conservation & sustainability with our 83 VW Vanagon! Care to jump on our vanwagon & be a steward of the environment?

Certain opportunities throughout our youths have instilled a passion in the both of us, for conservation and the outdoors in general. We enjoyed planting gardens with our grandmas, camping in the woods with our dads, and getting the opportunities to work at local greenhouses and nurseries. In Wisconsin and Michigan, running through the woods carelessly was what our childhoods were all about. While these passions continue to burn brightly in us, we've learned to incoorporate the added feelings of stewardship and the longing to protect our natural places. We must do our best to leave our planet in better shape than we once found it.


We want to protect our  invaluable forests, oceans, and wildlife through conservation and sustainability education and awareness programs. One of our goals is to get people to plug into nature; we want to get folks outside to appreciate all that our Earth has to offer. We believe that instilling a passion for the outdoors in our local communities is key in getting everyone to want to protect and preserve what we have left.

“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.” 
      -Aldo Leopold

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